Holly’s antics cause grape concern

We to the rescue after an adorable golden retriever got herself into a whole bunch of trouble when she decided to wolf down some grapes and raisins.

Five-year-old Holly, who belongs to Donna MacArthur, decided to gobble down a breakfast which had just been prepared by Donna’s dad Mike, who is nearly 90.

Owner Donna MacArthur’s dad Mike with Holly

He set his cereal bowl down and went to make a hot drink when Holly decided to pounce.

Donna’s son realised how serious Holly eating the fruit could be so he called us and we told him to bring Holly in immediately.

Our Jordana March said: “As soon as Holly arrived, we induced vomiting.

“She was then kept in for two days to receive fluids and for blood tests to be carried out to check on her kidney parameters.

“Eating even the smallest amount of grapes or raisins can kill a dog.

We have no way of knowing which dogs will be affected and how badly they will be affected.

Owner Donna MacArthur’s dad Mike with Holly

“Time is of the essence when you think your dog might have eaten them.”

“Thankfully Holly was brought to us less than half an hour after she had consumed them. Donna’s son’s quick-thinking may well have saved her life.

Owner Donna said: “Many people know about the dangers of chocolate to dogs but far fewer are aware of just how toxic grapes and raisins can be.

“My husband and I were away but, thankfully, my adult son Andrew was at home that morning and knew that grapes and raisins can be harmful so contacted 608 Vets immediately and got Holly there as quickly as possible.

“Holly and my dad spend a lot of time together and they look out for each other. He was absolutely devastated, almost inconsolable, when he realised how much danger Holly had been in and that there could have been an awful outcome.

“We are so grateful to 608 for the amazing work they do, and for always being so caring.”

Signs of grape toxicity owners should look out for include decreased appetite, lethargy or weakness, vomiting and/or diarrhoea, a tender abdomen and dehydration.