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What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the best means of individual identification for pets. A small implant (the size of a grain of rice) encrypted with a unique microchip number is deposited under the skin of the back of the neck – just like a vaccination. The number is stored in a database alongside all the owner’s details.

When a stray pet is found it can be scanned for the microchip number, easily identified and the owners quickly contacted. Every vet, dog warden and rescue centre has access to microchip scanners so it provides your pet with the best chances of being returned to you.

Every year, more than 300,000 pets go missing for a variety of reasons:

  • they can become scared during the firework season or heavy thunderstorms
  • wander too far from a new house
  • being naturally inquisitive, can easily become lost whilst investigating smells or noises
  • collars can easily slip off, and tags can drop off collars leaving an animal totally un-identifiable
  • be involved in a road accident
  • climb into a workman’s van, only to be driven to a different area
  • thought to be a stray even when they have a good home

…this is why the 608 Vet Practice strongly recommends microchipping.

We provide BackHome microchips, which use the PETtrac database to assist the reunification of pets with their families.  PETtrac operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.. just like us!

Keeping things up-to-date

All kinds of animals can be microchipped; cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, tortoises and birds. We recommend that all pets be protected in this way. However, it is vitally important to keep the Petlog informed of any changes in your address or phone number: a chip is useless if the database does not have up to date owner’s details!

We are quite good detectives, but if you moved 10 years ago, we won’t find you.

So if you do move house or change telephone number, contact BackHome immediately on 0800 652 9 977 or go to their website.