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  • Euthanasia
    & cremation

  • In the sad event of a patient approaching the end of their life and requiring euthanasia, we will always endeavour to make it as easy an experience as possible for you and your pet.

euthanasia and cremation

We can either arrange an appointment at one of our surgeries or you can request a home visit if you would like it to take place in more familiar surroundings. Please remember that house visits require advance notice to organise, preferably at least 24 hours, and you may be asked to attend the surgery instead if it is at a weekend or out of hours.

Euthanasia involves giving an overdose of an anaesthetic-like agent that takes your pet past being just asleep. Owners are welcome to stay with their pet or leave them in the arms of one of our nurses for comfort. We understand this is a very personal time & will aim to accommodate any special requirements.

There are a number of options for looking after your pet’s remains after they are gone:

Home for burial – we are always happy to release pets to you for burial at home.

General cremation – this is when your pets is cremated and their ashes scattered at the crematorium.

Individual cremation – this is when a pet is cremated individually and their ashes can be returned to their owners.

These services can also be arranged for animals which have passed away at home. All cremation services are carried out by external contracted companies.