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  • Nurse

  • There are a number of nurse clinics to support owners of healthy pets to offer you free help and advice.  

    Appointments are available with our team of experienced and qualified nurses at all our surgeries.

Juvenile Checks

Between the ages of 3 and 8 months, young animals need a high amount of training, exposure and healthcare which doesn’t necessarily require a vet. Nurses can weigh and check your pet and request any preventative health prescriptions required. The nurse can also provide help and advice on growing juveniles as well as exposing them to all the sights, smells and sounds the surgery has to offer.

This can help pick up on any problems early and reduce the ‘vet fear’ which can work against us in the future.

For kittens and puppies that are on our Early Care PLUS Vaccination Package, they have a specially designed juvenile check at 5 or 6 months, respectively.


Microchipping is now the standard means of identifying an individual pet. Nurses are fully qualified to microchip your animal, so if you would like your pet microchipped, simply make an appointment with the nurse at any of our branches. Microchips are easily administered at the back of the neck and offer the best form of identification for your pet.

Weight Clinics

With the number of overweight pets increasing by the day, we have introduced free weight clinics for our registered clients, to help you conquer the unenviable task of trying to slim down your pet!

It’s not easy, especially with their big sad eyes looking up at you; begging for more food! So to help you through, we can offer you support and advice on diets and exercise techniques which are most appropriate for your pet.

We will weigh and measure your pet because just like humans, they can lose inches without losing much weight! You will receive a weight clinic booklet so you can see your pet’s progress week by week. Referral not necessary, simply call the surgery to make your appointment.

Other Nurse Clinics services available:

  • Nail trimming
  • Suture removal following operations
  • Nutritional advice
  • Administration of medication including flea and worming treatments
  • Wound management and redresses
  • Dental checks and advice


Some services incur charges and certain nurse clinics are only available at certain branches due to space and facilities.