How many people in the UK have a dog?

We are raising awareness for all the woofs out there; for the droolers, the bed hogs and the 5am barkers!

How many people in the UK have a dog?There are 8.9 million pet dogs in the UK with 24% of the UK’s adult population owning one – almost a quarter! The UK ranks as the 2nd highest dog nation in Europe and is notoriously one of the world’s most dog-loving nations.

With this prestigious, but unofficial, title; it’s up to us to make sure that we keep our dogs in the best health. From six-month check-ups and annual vaccinations to regular nail trims, our dogs rely on us to keep them safe and well.

At 608 vets’, dogs are at the heart of our care. Whether it’s a puppy or an elder dog, we can help and support your dog. We offer puppy vaccinations and offer health information and treatment for older dogs. Get in touch with your local 608 Vets practice to book your dog in.