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Cat information
Cat Healthcare

Our team of experts have put together articles that cover many feline topics, including kittens, neutering and vaccinations, as well as senior cat advice, along with dental and dietary information.

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Dog information
Dog Healthcare

Whether your dog is already your best friend or you are considering getting a puppy, we have put together lots of helpful dog advice on topics such as puppy advice, neutering and vaccinations to behaviour, dietary advice, reproduction and more.

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Rabbits information
Rabbit Healthcare

If you are considering bringing a baby bunny into the family or have a happy rabbit at home already, our team of vets and nurses have put together advice on topics such as diets, age related advice and various medical conditions.

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Small pet information
Small Pet Healthcare

Our team of expert veterinarians at 608 Vets are able to offer expert advice that covers small pets such as chickens and tortoises, and topics such as poisons and insurance.

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Reptiles information
Reptile Healthcare

Many of our vets and nurses are experienced with reptiles and other exotic animals, led by our Clinical Director, Robin Bone.

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